Tips for making Accessible Word Documents

  • Create Structured Documents using style

  • Provide Alternative Text for Images

  • Use Readable Font

  • Use high contrast between font and background

  • Print on cream colored paper

word formatting menu

Other Word Tips to make documents easier to use

Quickly Change Font Size in Word

To quickly increase or decrease the font size of selected text by 1 point, do this:
Select Text
Ctrl +] to increase by 1 point
Ctrl + [to decrease by 1 point

Creating Lines in Word

Shortcuts for creating lines across the page of a Word document:
Type three consecutive hyphens and press Enter for a normal line
Type three underscores and press Enter for a bold line
Type three equal signs and press Enter for a double line

Highlighting Tool

MS Word highlighting tool can benefit emerging readers by allowing them to highlight words they do not understand and return to them later. It also gives students the opportunity to interact with text to improve focus. Try highlighting words in a short story or highlight nouns, adjectives, weekly spelling words, words for geometric shapes, and so on. To access:
1) Make sure Formatting Toolbar is visible
2) Select Highlight tool → Click and Drag to highlight