Making Word Accessible

Word Tips Quick tips on what you can do in word to make documents more accessible.

WebAim - Word AccessibilityWebAim's guide on creating accessible word documents using clear formatting. As you review this tutorial, notice how many of the ideas then carry over to creating accessible Web pages. The focus of this is how to make a document in Word accessible for others.

Microsoft AccessibilityMicrosoft tutorials on making changes in Word for accessibility. The focus is how to make features in Word more accessible for users.

Word AccessibilityWisconsin Accessibility Group Tutorials on accessibility features for MS word.

Module on Making Word Accessible
This module from the Access Project at Colorado State explains the key features of a universally-designed Word document, along with helpful tips and additional resources.

Writing Accessible Electronic DocumentsEssentials guide Writing accessible documents with word by TechDis

Guide to make documents readableEssential guide to making documents readable