Creating Accessible Video on the Web

FREE Resources for Accessible Video:

Caption it Yourself:
Universally Designed Multimedia Tutorials by the Access Center on Creating Captions
Accessify Easy YouTube Caption Creator

Directions for Captioning your own video in YouTube:

1- Create and upload a video to YouTube
2- Wait until the next day for YouTube to translate your video and provide Captions
3- Enter your Video Manager, select the video you want to caption, Click on Captions from the Top Menu bar (1)
Screenshot- YouTube Captions Locations

4- Then click on English Machine Transcript (2), your transcript will appear
Screenshot YouTube Captioning Editor

5- Download the transcript for your video, open it in a text editor and make corrections to the machine translated file.
6- Once you are finished upload your corrected file

Media Access Group at WGBH:
MAGpie Media Access Generator FREE
CaptionTube: /
Jubler: Edit subtitles
Subtitle Workshop (open source Windows Only)
Tutorial on Captioning and Accessibility
22Frames Search for captioned videos

Webinar on How to Caption YouTube Video: /
Scroll down for other videos on accessibility, Archived

Example of a simple YouTube video with captioning
Beware of the Black Snake

Programs for Captioning - (Professional Resources)

Automatic Synch
CPC Captioning
Softel Captioning and Subtitles /
Caption Colorado Real Time captioning /

Resources for Audio

PodCast Me Record, Host and Use Podcasting in the classroom
PodCasts and RSS:
PodCasts HowTo
How Stuff Works
Aktiv MP3 Recorder
ScreenR Instant screencast - no download needed