Using Free Tools to Access Documents

Students with print disabilities can use a number of tools to access documents and to enhance their reading skills

Screen Readers
Screen Capture
Printing and Conversion Tools

Assistive Software-
Links to a number of products to make access to the computer and documents easier - toolbars for Word, Big cursors, screen overlays etc

  • Screen readers & converting text to speech use these free tools to copy text and then have it read to user. FREE!!!

    • ReadPlease –;
    • Natural Voice Reader for Windows –
    • WordTalk for all versions of MS Word

    • VozMe insert tool into browser or add to web page see example in the navigation bar
    • BrowseAloud allows all browsealoud enabled web pages to be read
    • Web Anywhere download and use this non-visual interface on any public computer
    • Low Browse Add on for Mozilla adds speech and flexibility for visual impairments.
    • Accessibar Adds Special features to FireFox, including speech
    • FireVox Screenreader designed for Firefox
    • CLiCK Speak Bundle open source, freely available extension for the Firefox web browser
    • Spoken Text upload create audio recordings of ANY text documents
    • Speaktext works with Vista, convert text to speech

More links for accessible books & text to speech tools located at the Web Toolbox Wiki

  • Screen Capture

provide students with detailed directions by capturing computer screens or demonstrating how to use particular web sites or software.
    • Jing Free download for Mac or Windows to create image or video screen capture.
    • Screencast Free posting of Screen captures for Jing users.

  • Printing & Conversion

Download Adobe Reader :