Readability and Visual Literacy

Readability means that our document is created appropriate for our audience.

Even if you follow all the other guidelines for documents if your document is not readable by your audience then it is not accessible.

Webaim information on Writing Clearly (great additional resources too)

Readability – comprehensive tool to examine readability of any draft for any audience

Readability Juicy Studios
If you don’t like the Literacy site on Readability you can use this one instead.

Wikipedia Readability Definitions

Okapi: Measuring Readability and developing reading probes for progress monitoring
Copy and paste any text into the space and analyze your text by grade level.
Another bonus you can create a reading probe within 30 seconds.
Link to a screencast video on using Okapi

Kathy Schrock Use of Fry:

Flesch Kincaid Readability Quick

Tests Document Readability & Improve it

Text Compactor: Free online autosummarization tool

ELL & Cultural Diversity

NCTE ELL and resources:
NWREL Resources ELL
Cultural Diversity and Academic Achievement
CLAS Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services