Use of Graphics, Fonts and the Creation of Images

Images are important to help convene meaning to text, research indicates that learners understand more with an image and text than with just text alone. Also students need to be visually literate with the ability to interpret, negotiate, and make meaning from informational images. Special fonts have also been developed to assist those with visual impairments.

Information on creating paper and computer based images

WebAim: sections 1-5
Web Design and DevelopmentUnit 4: Graphics Purpose of Web Graphics
Web Style Guide: Images

Color and Contrast

Color Blind Web Page Filter
Color Lovers Blog as see by the Color Blind
Vischeck check your web page for color contrast (does not work for all pages like a blog or a wiki)
Effective color Contrast
Are your pages color sensitive? Article with suggestions from
Juicy Studios Color Contrast Checker
Color Contrast Checker:
Color Contrast Compare
Web Aim Color Checker:

Don't know the hexidecimal code for your colors, visit:
Basic Color Code

If your colors do not have enough contrast then your site might be inaccessible for many users.


Use Sans Serif Fonts = Arial, Trebuchet, Verdana
Making Text Legible
APHfont designed for more legible documents

Free Photos and Images
woman using a screen reader

Free Photos
Stock Exchange- Royalty Free Pictures
Search Engine for Stock photo
Free Photo
Public domain Photo Data
Creative Commons
Flickr Storm