Accessibility Tools

There are hundreds of sites available to provide information on accessibility for documents and web sites. Here are comprehensive sites that provide you with all the tools you need to create accessible web pages and documents.

Initiative to expand the web's potential for people with disabilities

WC3 Accessibility
Web Accessibility Initiative develops guidelines and support materials that serve as the International standard for Web accessibility

Web Accessibility for All
Resources and tutorials to create accessible web documents.

Jim Thatcher
Web course on how to make web pages 508 compliant

Access Project at Colorado State - Universally Design Instruction Modules on creating accessible documents and web pages. Great introduction on UDL

Dive Into Accessibility
30 days to an accessible web site

Disabilities, Opportunties, Internetworking and Technology
links to demonstrations and AccessIT, and even an online course for accessible web development

Designing more usable web sites (part of Designing a more usable world)

Microsoft Accessibility
Microsoft information on built in accessibility features in their products

Apple Accessibility
Apple information on built in accessibility features.

Guidelines for accessibility with Flash and Acrobat

Online courses for Web Development & Accessibility (designed for high school students)

Web Accessibility Standards

South Carolina Collaboration Assistive Technology Network

Access-SC South Carolina Web Accessibility Group