No Limits or Boundaries: Creating Accessible web pages and documents

To make sure that students are not limited or forced to work within certain boundaries, simple accessibility principles can be implemented at the start of any project. Even if you use free web creation tools, wikis, or blogs, simple techniques can provide accessibility. Use this Wiki to access resources for making Word, PowerPoint, PDF, video and web pages accessible for all users. In addition, view links to free tools to make universally designed classroom activities.

updated October 2012

This wiki was presented at EDTECH 2009

It was adapted from the 2008 presentation Creating Accessible Documents presented at the South Carolina EdTech conference, 2008. The font used is large to assist the viewing audience.
Susan W. Quinn & Cheryl A. Wissick, PhD
University of South Carolina, College of Education, Educational Studies
Educational Technology and Special Education
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